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Back to old strength

The TheraBand Stretching Band is an excellent alternative to static stretching aids. Appropriate stretching, whether performed statically or dynamically, helps to fully develop muscular strength through mobility. With the stretching band, TheraBand presents an intelligent solution that supports static and dynamic stretching exercises in order to restore the range of motion after injuries or to expand it in sports and everyday life.

Mobilization and mobility play an important role, especially in rehabilitation. The stretching band helps here, as its color coding and the eight loops provide the trainer and trainee with useful standards for handling and comprehensible progression levels.

With its color coding and the eight loops, the stretching band shows the trainer and trainee useful standards for handling and offers comprehensible progression levels. The material can be stretched by approx. 35% and thus enables particularly gentle and better dosable stretching.

  • with eight limb loops
  • Length: 140cm
  • Material: cotton-latex combination
  • Incl. instruction poster (DIN A3) with a total of 15 stretching exercises (language: English)