Mann sitzt im Schneidersitz auf einer Gymnastikmatte und massiert seine Brust mit einer Theragun Pro der 5. Generation.


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Frau behandelt ihre rechte Schulter mit der Theragun PRO.

Theragun comparison - which model is right for me?

All THERAGUN models in comparison. Find the right massage gun for you.


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In today's fast-paced world, relaxation often falls by the wayside. This makes it all the more important to consciously take time for relaxation and well-being. Our Therabody bundles offer you exactly that: an exquisite combination of powerful massage devices and accessories, created for your regeneration and your very own personal wellness experience.

The Theragun massage gun developed by experts is at the centre of our bundles. It is designed to release deep muscle tension, relieve pain and stimulate circulation. Thanks to its patented technology, the Theragun offers a deeply effective treatment that is in no way inferior to a professional massage. Its unrivalled ergonomics and adjustable speed setting make it an indispensable companion for athletes, physiotherapists and anyone who wants to do something good for their body.

A Theragun bundle can also include useful add-ons such as different attachments for the Theragun, useful care products or special storage solutions. This allows you to target each muscle group and vary the intensity of the massage as required. Would you like to relax your neck muscles, relieve deep-seated tension in your back or give your leg muscles a rest after a long run? With the various attachments in our bundle, you can cover every need.

We are convinced that regular treatment with the Theragun massage gun can make a decisive difference to your physical and mental recovery. That's why we offer you our bundles at exclusive top prices. By bringing together the best products, we put together the perfect all-round package for your personal well-being.

Recovery with Theragun: the perfect gift

We offer you our bundles at an attractive price because we are convinced of the positive effect of continuous use. By offering the top products bundled together, we provide you with an exclusive all-round carefree package for your health and recovery.

The bundles are also ideal gifts for those who value health and wellness. Find the right bundle in our range and treat yourself to the deep relaxation you deserve. Enjoy a world-class massage whenever you want with Theragun massage guns and our carefully formulated compositions. Promote your regeneration, improve your flexibility and raise your well-being to a new level - with the Theragun bundles as your partner for optimally cared for and relaxed muscles.