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Ice Power Active 150mlIce Power Active 150ml
Ice Power cooling sprayIce Power cooling spray
Ice Power cold and heat compressIce Power cold and heat compress
Ice Power dispenser 400 mlIce Power dispenser 400 ml
Ice Power PlusIce Power Plus
Ice Power
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Ice Power pain gelIce Power pain gel
Ice Power
Ice Power pain gel Sale priceFrom 10,95 €
Ice Power Sports Spray
Ice Power Magnesium In Strong CreamIce Power Magnesium In Strong Cream
Ice Power Arthro CreamIce Power Arthro Cream
Ice Power
Ice Power Arthro Cream Sale priceFrom 14,95 €
Ice Power Instant Cool Compress Soft
Ice Power Roller 75mlIce Power Roller 75ml
Ice Power
Ice Power Roller 75ml Sale price13,95 €
Ice Power Hot Gel 75ml
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Does it really work? Scientific studies on the effect of Ice Power.


Ice Power

Strong to the pain, gentle to the body

Ice Power is the cooling gel with the 3-fold effect: Cools longer, strong to the pain, gentle to the body! Ice Power reduces the skin surface temperature in a controlled way, influencing the pain receptors and thus relieving pain. This effect also increases blood circulation, which can speed up recovery and relax muscles.

In clinical studies with Ice Power cooling gel, the following effects, among others, were observed: Cooling - Reduces skin surface temperature in a controlled manner. Analgesic - The cooling of the skin temperature influences the pain-relevant sensory nerves and thus relieves pain and pain sensation. Increases circulation - Increases blood circulation, which improves and speeds up recovery and relaxes the muscle. Ice Power cooling gel is thus in no way inferior to the popular Biofreeze pain gel.

The right cooling gel for everyone

Ice Power cooling gel is available in many different versions:

The classic cold gel for fast and effective relief from pain and inflammation.
The PLUS Cold Gel with enhanced effect for long-lasting pain in muscles and joints.
Ice Power Active with cooling and warming effect for aching and tense muscles after physical exertion.
The Hot Warming Gel, which improves blood circulation, making it perfect for preparing athletes to prevent sprains and fractures.
The Magnesium In Strong cream, which provides locally increased magnesium requirements to relieve muscle cramps and aches.

Ice Power Arthro, which is specially formulated to treat pain and swelling in joints.

You will find many Ice Power cooling gel products here in different versions as tubes, rollers, sprays or dispensers as well as hot/cold packs for quick local application. Just as you prefer. All products are produced in Finland.