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Ice Power Roller 75ml

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  • Absorbs quickly and works immediately
  • Pain treatment for the whole family (also children from 2 years)
  • Simply apply without touching the gel with your fingers
  • Economical dosing – even in hard-to-reach places
  • Doesn't leave stains on your clothes
  • Contents: 75 ml cooling pain gel
  • CE certified medical device

Use the roll-on at:

  • Pain and minor injuries in hard-to-reach places
  • Pain in the shoulder and neck area
  • Pain in the thoracic spine
  • nerve pain
  • Sore muscles
  • migraine

Please understand that for reasons of hygiene, this product cannot be returned.

Perfect for shoulder and neck pain

You have shoulder and neck pain, but you can't reach these areas very well with your hand? Or do you hate putting cooling gel on your fingers? You can use the practical roll tube to apply the highly effective Ice Power cooling gel to hard-to-reach areas on the shoulder and neck and dose it perfectly.

No more spraining with muscle and nerve pain in the upper back. The pleasantly cooling gel relieves the pain sensation, promotes the regeneration of your muscles and relaxes the tissue. Also ideal if you don't want to have the pain gel on your fingers and want to cream your muscles and nerves with pinpoint accuracy.

Cools, regenerates and relieves pain

The Ice Power Cold Gel has a triple effect against pain: The cooling effect reduces the temperature in the treated area by up to 7 °C. This has a pain-relieving and decongestant effect. After 15 minutes, blood circulation increases, which activates your self-healing powers and relaxes your muscles.

This special formula is particularly suitable for use with nerve pain, muscle tension, sore muscles, muscular headaches, pain in the neck-shoulder area and lower back as well as minor tissue injuries. Due to the increase in blood circulation, your muscles regenerate faster after a strenuous workout.

The practical roller is not only perfect for hard-to-reach places: You can also apply the effective cooling gel sparingly to smaller areas of your children and grandchildren from the age of 2 years.

Siegel Made in Finland

Made in Finland

Best quality from European production

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Perfect for runners

Official partner product of the Zugspitz Ultratrail 2024

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Ice Power Schmerzgel Schmerzgel Ice Power 75 ml
Ice Power pain gel Sale priceFrom 10,95 €
Ice Power Plus Schmerzgel Ice Power 100 ml
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Ice Power Active 150 ml Schmerzgel Ice Power
Ice Power Active 150ml Sale price15,00 € Regular price17,95 €

Original zur schnellen Schmerzlinderung

Stärkere Wirkung dank MSM (Methylsulfonylmethan)

Kühlende und wärmende Wirkung


Ideal bei Schmerzen und Entzündungen

Ideal bei langanhaltenden Schmerzen in Muskeln und Gelenken

Ideal zur Erholung der Muskeln nach dem Sport


Tube (75 ml, 150 ml) , Spender (400 ml), Roller (75 ml), Spray

Tube (100, 200 ml)

Tube (150 ml)


Ice Power Hot Gel 75 ml Schmerzgel Ice Power
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Ice Power Arthro Creme Schmerzgel Ice Power 60 g
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Wärmt Haut und tiefliegendes Gewebe (Wirkstoff: Capsaicin)

Kühlgel mit Magnesiumanteil

Lindert Schmerzen, erhöht die Beweglichkeit, reduziert Schwellungen


Ideal zur Vorbeugung von Verletzung vor oder zur Regeneration nach dem Sport

Ideal bei Muskelbeschwerden durch Magnesiummangel

Ideal bei Gelenkschmerzen


Tube (75 ml)

Tube (90 g) und Spender (300 ml)

Tube (60 g, 120 g)

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