Ein Mann und eine Frau trainieren jeweils mit einem TheraBand.


TheraBand exercises

Here you will find a large selection of exercises for your TheraBand . No matter whether it's arms, torso, back, thighs or whole body training - there is something for everyone from young to old. TheraBand exercises are easy to learn and can be done anywhere at any time - at home, in the office or on the go. All you need is a resistance band to train your muscles effectively.

TheraBand back workout

Do you often have back pain? You are not alone in this. About two-thirds of Europeans regularly suffer from back pain.

In the video we show you 11 TheraBand exercises that you can do for back pain.

There are more exercises under the video!

Ein Mann zieht ein Theraband hinter seinem Rücken senkrecht mit beiden Händen auseinander.

TheraBand exercises for the whole body

With a TheraBand you can train your entire musculature at any time. Numerous exercises for the back, abdomen, legs, arms and buttocks ensure tight muscles, a straight posture and less pain.

Here's how it works: Do each exercise for about 60 seconds. Then take a break of about 60 seconds. Try to repeat each exercise 2-3 times. If necessary, adjust the number of repetitions to your fitness level.

Squat & Shoulder Press

Stand hip-width apart on the center of the band and raise your arms to a 90 degree angle at shoulder level so that the band is behind your arms. In this position, squat and straighten your arms as you push up. The wrists remain stable.

What do you train: thighs, buttocks, shoulders

Shoulder Triangle

Stand hip-width apart on the middle of the band and hold the ends of the band in front of your pelvis with straight arms. Raise your straight arms at your sides to shoulder height and then close them in front of your body. Open them wide again and then lower them sideways again towards the thighs

What do you train: shoulders, chest

Standing Row

Stand hip-width apart on the middle of the band and grab the band briefly. Bend forward slightly with a long back. Keep your knees slightly bent. Now pull your elbows up and back, close to your body, like a rowing movement, while keeping your back stable.

What do you train: upper back

Bicep curls

Stand hip-width apart on the middle of the band and grip the band with your arms stretched out so that you can feel a slight basic tension. Bring your hands up to shoulder height and contract your biceps. Keep your elbows close to your body.

What do you train: biceps

Triceps Overhead

Stand up straight with your back foot on the middle of the band. Grab the ends of the band with both hands and bring your hands behind your head. Keep your elbows tight and stretch your arms towards the ceiling and tighten your triceps.

What do you train: triceps

Standing Abduction

Place your left foot in the band and grab the ends with your right hand. Then place your right foot on the band, hip-width apart. Extend your left leg outwards. Keep your balance and tighten your stomach. change side.

What you train: hip mobility, balance, trunk stability

Standing Side Para

Place your left foot in the band and grab the ends with your right hand. Then place your right foot hip-width apart on the band and take your free arm to your temple. Now incline your upper body to the belt side and straighten up against the resistance with the help of your lateral abdominal muscles. The band arm stays on all the time. change side.

What you train: Lateral abdominal muscles

Lunges & Rotation

Stand on the middle of the band with your front foot and grab the ends of the band with your hands. Take your straight arms in front of your hips and keep the band slightly taut. As you descend into the lunge, raise your arms to shoulder height. Then rotate your torso and arms once to the side of your standing leg and come back into the upright lunge. change side.

What you train: hamstrings, balance and coordination

Side Shift

Step into the band with your left foot and hold both ends straight just above your hips with your arms straight. Step into a side lunge with your right leg and push your stretched arms diagonally to the side at shoulder height. Maintain core tension. change side.

This is what you train: front thighs, balance, coordination

Glute Kick

Get on all fours and wrap the band around the sole of one foot. Both hands fix the band ends below the shoulders. Now push your foot powerfully (kicking movement) backwards in extension of your back. Train the butt and keep the tension in the trunk. change leg.

What you train: Butt muscles

Sitting Row

Wrap the band securely around the soles of your feet and come into an upright sitting position. Grab the band and start with a slight pre-tensioning of the band. Then pull both arms/elbows back close to your body, like a rowing motion.

What you train: Upper back

Russian Twist

Wrap the band securely around the soles of your feet and grasp it with both hands. Clasp your hands and bend back slightly so that you feel tension in your stomach. In this position, alternately rotate your upper body and arms to the right and left. Keep the band under tension at all times.

What do you train: Rectus Abdominal Muscle, Lateral Abdominal Muscle

Y pull

Stand hip-width apart on the middle of the band. Cross the band with stretched arms so that a slight basic tension can be felt. Now come slightly forward with your upper body and lift your arms up over your sides. Maintain tension in the core, back and activate the shoulders.

What you train: Rear shoulder muscles


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