Ein Mann und eine Frau trainieren ihre seitliche Bauchmuskulatur auf jeweils einer Flowin Matte.

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The great thing about Flowin is that I can adapt the exercise program to any fitness level and training need. In addition, the system is easy to transport and can be used by any customer on the go.

Rouven Bürgel, personal trainer and owner of Fit Team Munich

Flowin Friction Training is ideal for training the upper body and legs, as well as for shoulder rehabilitation. Flowin enriched our training program in every way.

Jordan Milsom, fitness coach at Liverpool FC

Flowin offers a dynamic and effective training core and whole body workout for all age groups, which is also fun.

Rob Beale, Head of Sport, Health and Fitness at David Lloyd Leisure

Many only train the large muscle groups and forget to train the deep muscles in order to keep mobility and dynamics in balance. Flowin is the ideal training device for this.

Carolin Hingst, professional pole vaulter


FLOWIN Friction Training is a high-intensity, low-impact training concept that uses gravity, your own body weight and the FLOWIN Board's patented friction surface to perform an endless series of dynamic exercises.

The FLOWIN Board is used worldwide by professional athletes, personal trainers and leading physiotherapists.

FLOWIN Friction Training has helped many top international sports teams (including football, basketball and ice hockey teams) achieve remarkable results on the field, on the court and in the ice rink over the years.

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