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The Flowin Sport is a rollable mat, which is particularly suitable for mobile use.

Flowin Friction Training stands for a training concept based on the interaction of two physical components: weight and friction. The sophisticated friction behavior between the Flowin training platform and the Flowin pads ensures a mixture of stability and gliding properties that make up the unique training stimulus. Depending on the execution of the movement, the training intensity can be changed for beginners to advanced users.

  • Perfect for the studio, at home or on the go
  • Simply roll up the Flowin Sport and stow it in the bag provided
  • Dimensions: 140x100cm
  • Material: PET, Polyofelin
  • Total weight: 3 kg
  • Incl. 2 x foot pads, 2 x hand pads and 1 x knee pad as well as carrying bag

expert voices

“I am currently using Flowin and Friction Training with all of my clients that I look after as a personal trainer. The great thing about the system is that I can adapt the exercise program to any fitness level and training need. In addition, the system is easy to transport and can be used by any customer on the go. Of course, training with Flowin is fun, but the results that my customers can see are more important. It looks like they can't get enough of this workout!"
Rouven Bürgel, personal trainer and owner of "Fit Team Munich"

"In terms of prevention, rehabilitation and speed and strength training, the Flowin mat has proven to be extremely effective. Flowin Friction Training is ideal for training the upper body and legs, as well as for shoulder rehabilitation. All in all, Flowin has enriched our training program in many ways.”
Jordan Milsom, fitness coach at Liverpool FC

“At David Lloyd Leisure we are always striving to offer our members new and innovative products. Flowin fits perfectly into the range here. It offers a dynamic and effective training core and whole body workout for all age groups, which is also fun. Whether individually or in groups, whether in the studio or at home: Flowin Friction Training finds its place everywhere.”
Rob Beale, Head of Sport, Health and Fitness at David Lloyd Leisure

"My experience in fitness training is that many only train the large muscle groups and forget to train the deep muscles and to keep mobility and dynamics in a good balance. Flowin is an optimal training device for me. Here I can optimally convert a pronounced musculature into movement or into dynamic strength. Small muscle groups that are not used with the machines or when training with the barbell have to work intensively with this special training device.”
Carolin Hingst, professional pole vaulter