Mann behandelt seinen linken Oberarm mit der Theragun PRO.


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Theragun PRO massage gun Theragun PRO massage gun
Theragun ELITE massage gunTheragun ELITE massage gun
Theragun ELITE massage gun Sale price399,00 €
Theragun PRIME massage gunTheragun PRIME massage gun
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Theragun mini massage gun Theragun mini massage gun
Theragun mini massage gun Sale price199,00 €
Theragun Wave Roller foam rollerTheragun Wave Roller foam roller
Theragun Wave SoloTheragun Wave Solo
Theragun Wave Solo Sale price79,00 €
Theragun Wave DuoTheragun Wave Duo
Theragun Wave Duo Sale price99,00 €
TheraFace PROTheraFace PRO
TheraFace PRO Sale price399,00 €
Theragun Smart GogglesTheragun Smart Goggles
Theragun Smart Goggles Sale price199,00 €
RecoveryTherm CubeRecoveryTherm Cube
RecoveryTherm Cube Sale price149,00 €
RecoveryAir PRORecoveryAir PRO
RecoveryAir PRO Sale price1.299,00 €
RecoveryAir PRIMERecoveryAir PRIME
RecoveryAir PRIME Sale price699,00 €
Frau behandelt ihre rechte Schulter mit der Theragun PRO.

Theragun - Which model is right for me?

All THERAGUN models in comparison. Find the right massage gun for you.

Mann hält in der rechten Hand eine Theragun PRO und in der linken ein Smartphone mit der geöffneten Therabody-App.


Personalized wellness routines. Compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled Therabody devices.


THERAGUN by Therabody

The massage gun

Help yourself with pain and tension. With Theragun you treat your muscles in a completely unique way. Find your full-body wellness solution. Feel better and do what moves you. That is the mission of Theragun massage guns.

Choose between the models PRO , ELITE , PRIME or mini . We have the right massage device for everyone. Various attachments and freely adjustable levels help you to find the right intensity for you.

Therabody - From need to movement

Behind the Theragun massage gun is the Therabody. Their mission is to provide you with effective, natural solutions you need to take care of your daily well-being. The combination of science, innovation and over a decade of pioneering tech wellness makes wellness and wellness accessible to all.

The company's founder is Dr. Jason Wersland. After a tragic motorcycle accident, he searches for a solution to his excruciating pain. When nothing on the market helps, he quickly designs a tool himself that meets his needs. So he unwittingly creates the first Theragun.

More than percussive therapy

Today, the product range not only includes the well-known Theragun massage device, but also the Theragun Wave fascia rollers and fascia balls, RecoveryAir for muscle regeneration and the new TheraFace , a wellness tool for facial treatments. Here you will find everything to feel a little better and healthier every day!