Ein Mann begutachtet zusammen mit Geschätsführer Felix Artzt einen ARTZT Vintage Series Boxhandschuh.

People and environment

With our own ARTZT vitality and ARTZT Vintage Series product lines, we are in control of every stage of production for many items.

The raw materials for the fitness tools are of natural origin and recyclable. That's why we rely heavily on wood, cork and leather. Unlike plastic tools, they are characterised by their durability, resistance and pleasant feel.


ARTZT vitality should become sustainable. We are gradually switching to a product range made from natural raw materials. Wood and cork from the EU or even from Germany will replace plastics.

Selected fitness tools from our German premium brand ARTZT vitality are made from the sustainable raw material cork, which is harvested and processed in Portugal. This western European country manufactures high-quality products under fair working conditions.

Ein Mann steht in einer Schreinerei mit verschränkten Armen neben einem Tisch, auf dem mehrere ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart Balancetrainer aufeinandergestapelt liegen.


We have now been able to switch to regional end production for many of our own-brand products. For example, many of our products are lovingly hand-assembled for you into a fully-fledged fitness tool in our in-house wood factory.


Long-lasting raw materials, hand-finishing in the immediate vicinity, production facilities as close as possible, short delivery routes and materials that are harmless to health - we are convinced of this. From production to packaging and dispatch, we pay responsible attention to sustainability and the preservation of our environment.

We reuse cardboard boxes and packaging whenever possible. If used cardboard boxes are no longer suitable for safe shipping, we shred them and use them as cushioning and shock-absorbing filling material. This procedure enables us to save 100% on extra filling material. And your fitness tools will still arrive safely.


People with intellectual disabilities are an integral part of our production processes, with products such as exercise bands, stability trainers, gymnastics mats and massage rollers being assembled and packaged at the Lebenshilfe workshops in Limburg and Löhnberg and Vitos Teilhabe Behindertenhilfe.

The leather products in the ARTZT Vintage Series are finished by hand at the WfB Rhein-Main in Rüsselsheim.


Logo Nachhaltig fit mit ARTZT vitality

Sustainable product made from natural raw materials

Products with this logo are made from natural raw materials such as wood or cork. We pay attention to regional origin as far as possible and to fair working conditions when harvesting and processing the raw materials.

Social and regional - In cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities

If you see this seal on the product of your choice, you know for sure that it was created in close cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities. This is where selected products are packaged and sometimes even completely produced.

Made in Germany

This product was manufactured in Germany. We attach great importance to the shortest possible supply chains and regional final production.

Made in Europe

This product was manufactured in Europe. We attach great importance to the shortest possible supply chains and regional final production.