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Power Block kettlebellPower Block kettlebell
PowerBlock Sport 24 (1.5 - 11 kg, 1 pair)PowerBlock Sport 24 (1.5 - 11 kg, 1 pair)
PowerBlock Sport 50 (4 - 22.5 kg)PowerBlock Sport 50 (4 - 22.5 kg)
PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 3 Kit (33-41kg)PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 3 Kit (33-41kg)
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PowerBlock Foldable StandPowerBlock Foldable Stand
PowerBlock SportBenchPowerBlock SportBench
PowerBlock SportBench Sale price295,00 €
PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 1 Set (2 - 22.5 kg)PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 1 Set (2 - 22.5 kg)
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PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 2 Kit (23-33kg)PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 2 Kit (23-33kg)
PowerBlock PowerStandPowerBlock PowerStand
PowerBlock PowerStand Sale price159,00 €
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PowerBlock Pro 32 dumbbells (2 - 14.5 kg)PowerBlock Pro 32 dumbbells (2 - 14.5 kg)
PowerBlock Pro 32 dumbbells (2 - 14.5 kg) Sale price454,30 € Regular price649,00 €

Power Block

The no. 1 system dumbbell from the USA

PowerBlock was the first system dumbbell of its kind worldwide and is now considered the leading brand in the field of adjustable dumbbell systems. With their patented selector pin for quick and intuitive weight adjustment, their particularly handy and compact design and the color-coded weight scale, PowerBlock dumbbells enable highly efficient and space-saving weight training.

A PowerBlock dumbbell replaces between 8 and 16 conventional pairs of dumbbells without adjustable weights. Optional column stands and the PowerBlock incline bench complete the range.

How does PowerBlock work?

The system dumbbells have the patented selector pin, with which you can easily set the desired weight. The further down you position it, the heavier your PowerBlock kettlebell will be. So you can adjust the round dumbbell individually to your needs.