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  • The perfect addition to your PowerBlock workout
  • Separate seat and back upholstery
  • Max load capacity: 250 kg
  • Dimensions with backrest lying flat: 40 cm high, 127 cm long, 55 cm wide (rear crossbar)
  • Backrest can be positioned in five different angles (flat, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°)
  • Made from solid steel


The PowerBlock incline bench allows comfortable training in combination with the PowerBlock dumbbell systems. With five different positions of the backrest, a variety of exercises for the chest and shoulder area, as well as classic bicpes curls and other exercises can be performed.

The bench can be rolled and takes up around half a square meter of space. Thanks to integrated tires on the rear crossbar and a handle underneath the seat pad, it is easy to transport.

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