Mann trainiert im Stütz auf einem Bosuball NexGen.

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Frau trainiert im Stütz auf einem Bosuball und zwei Bosu Pods..

BOSU Ball - Which one is right for me?

Find out which BOSU Balance Trainer suits you. All models at a glance

The BOSU is a multifunctional training device for all fitness levels and age groups.

Arne Derricks, personal trainer and TV coach

Frau trainiert im Stütz auf einem Bosuball.

BOSU Workout - 8 exercises for your abs



Both Sides Utilized

Whether stability training, balance training, balance exercises, core or stability workouts - the Balance Trainer is one of the most versatile training devices in the field of functional training.

Originally from medicine, the half ball has become an almost indispensable tool in the gym today. Whether in group training or as a training aid for individual athletic training, the Bosuball is extremely popular.

Invented by David Weck in 2000, the ball quickly became one of the most popular fitness equipment and can be found in almost every well-equipped gym.

Today, the popular Balance Trainer Ball is available in different versions that cover every need. It all started with the blue BOSU Balance Trainer Pro, which is now also available as a black BOSU Ball. The Home Balance Trainer in blue or pink is suitable for private use at home. And for on the go, there's the compact BOSU Sport, which weighs less than 5 kg and is comfortable to carry. And for demanding athletes and professional athletes there is the NexGen Pro, the best and highest quality balance ball ever.