Mann trainiert im Ausfallschritt mit dem Gymstick Original.

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Gymstick Original 2.0  Gymstick Grün  Gymstick Original 2.0  Gymstick
Gymstick Original 2.0 Sale price69,95 €
Pro Pump Langhantel Set Gewicht Gymstick
Pro Pump Set Sale price189,00 €
Functional Trainer Schlingentrainer Sportartikel Gymstick
Sold out
Verstellbarer Handtrainer mit Zähler Sportartikel Gymstick   Verstellbarer Handtrainer mit Zähler Sportartikel Gymstick
Office Ball Gymnastikball Gymstick   Office Ball Gymnastikball Gymstick
Office Ball Sale price109,00 €
Pro Kettlebell Gewicht Gymstick   Pro Kettlebell Gewicht Gymstick 20 kg
Pro kettlebell Sale priceFrom 39,95 €
Original Ersatztubings Zubehör Gymstick Max. Stark | Gold  Original Ersatztubings Zubehör Gymstick Extra stark | Silber
On sale
Chrom-Hantel Gewicht Gymstick 10 kg  Chrom-Hantel Gewicht Gymstick 9 kg
chrome dumbbell Sale priceFrom 12,55 € Regular price17,95 €
Sold out
Push-Up Bars Sportartikel Gymstick   Push-Up Bars Sportartikel Gymstick
Push up bars Sale price10,30 € Regular price22,95 €
On sale
Powerslider Sportartikel Gymstick 180 cm  Powerslider Sportartikel Gymstick
power slider Sale priceFrom 42,49 € Regular price84,95 €
Matten Set Gymnastikmatte Gymstick   Matten Set Gymnastikmatte Gymstick
mat set Sale price37,95 €
Springseil PRO  Gymstick   Springseil PRO  Gymstick
Skipping rope PRO Sale price14,95 €

gym stick

Training for your fitness

Gymstick is a leading fitness equipment brand from Finland, bringing you one of the largest collections of sports, fitness and wellness equipment the industry has to offer. With a product catalog of over 650 unique products, you'll find everything from professional cardio equipment to smaller home fitness equipment.

The success story began with the introduction of the Gymstick Original, a pioneering combination of high-quality fiberglass rod and elastic resistance tubing.

The effective training device took the hearts of many fitness trainers, physiotherapists, trainers, amateur and top athletes worldwide by storm and inspires because of its simple use and the many possible uses.

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