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  • Exercise ball made from space-saving PVC
  • Ball cover with carrying handle and non-slip underside
  • Diameter: 75 cm (ideal for heights from 181 cm)
  • Material: Polyester (ball cover), PVC (ball), sand (filling)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg


People of all ages have been sitting, exercising and relaxing on the large, round balls for over half a century. Initially only used in medicine, the large ball found its way into almost every private household through its use in health insurance prevention programmes and is still very popular today for sport and exercise, therapy and health, leisure and play. Hardly any other exercise equipment is so versatile: the ball trains balance and coordination, body awareness and posture, relaxation, flexibility and strength.

The Gymstick Office Ball has a removable polyester cover, which makes it comfortable and safe to sit on thanks to its non-slip underside. It is also filled with 0.5 kg of sand, which also prevents it from rolling away when standing up and also enables a full-body workout in between. The enclosed exercise poster helps with this.

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