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FlexBar Handtrainer ARTZT Grün  FlexBar Handtrainer ARTZT
FlexBar Sale priceFrom 14,95 € Regular price20,95 €
Verstellbarer Handtrainer mit Zähler Sportartikel Gymstick   Verstellbarer Handtrainer mit Zähler Sportartikel Gymstick
FlexBar Sportartikel TheraBand Gelb  FlexBar Sportartikel TheraBand
FlexBar Sale priceFrom 17,95 €
Handtrainer Sportartikel TheraBand Gelb  Handtrainer Sportartikel TheraBand Rot
Hand Exerciser Sale price16,95 €
Hand XTrainer Sportartikel TheraBand Rot  Hand XTrainer Sportartikel TheraBand
Hand XTrainer Sale price18,95 €
Anti-Stress-Bälle Ball Gymstick   Anti-Stress-Bälle Ball Gymstick
Anti-Stress Balls Sale price19,95 €
Handtrainer XL Sportartikel TheraBand Rot  Handtrainer XL Sportartikel TheraBand Grün
Hand Exerciser XL Sale price17,95 €

Hand trainers - Increase your hand strength and flexibility

Welcome to our hand trainer category! Here you will find a carefully selected range of products that improve your hand strength and flexibility and thus support your fitness and health goals. With our high-quality hand trainers you can bring variety to your training and work specifically on weak points. Discover our TOP products that impress with their quality, scientific foundation and effectiveness:

TheraBand hand trainer : These durable training balls are ideal for training hand and finger strength. They offer various resistance levels and are easy to use on the go. Whether for rehabilitation or prevention - the TheraBand hand trainer is your daily companion.

HandXTrainer : This versatile training device was specially developed for training the hand muscles and for rehabilitation. With its four different hardness levels, it adapts perfectly to your individual needs. It is particularly suitable for improving the mobility of the fingers.

FlexBar : The FlexBar is ideal for strengthening the hand, arm and shoulder muscles. Known for the "Tyler Twist" exercise for treating tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, the FlexBar scores points for its ease of use and its effective effect.

Gymstick Anti-Stress Balls : These soft balls not only offer an excellent way to manage stress, they are also perfect for hand and forearm strengthening. Their pleasant feel and various resistance levels make them a versatile training tool that you can use just about anywhere.

Would you like to know which hand trainer is right for you? Then take a look at our hand trainer comparison .

All of our hand trainers are designed to support you on your journey to better strength, flexibility and general fitness. Immerse yourself in the world of targeted hand training and promote your health with fun and efficiency. All products are available from us with free shipping from 49 € in Germany and with a 100-day right of return. Order your hand trainer today and feel the difference!

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