Gymstick Original 2.0

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Color: Green

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  • Barbell workout without weights
  • Ideal companion in the home gym
  • Detachable fiberglass rod
  • Length: 130 cm (assembled) / 75 cm (disassembled)
  • Material: fiberglass (rod), latex (tubings)
  • Incl. online access for exclusive training content
  • Incl. nylon bag

Made in Finland


The Gymstick Original is a simple, effective and versatile training device for barbell training. Use it for squats, curls or deadlifts - and without a single heavy weight plate or bar! The training bar can be used for all exercises that can be carried out with free weights and also offers possibilities for multi-joint exercises. The Gymstick is the perfect workout partner for strength training at home.

When training at home, the Gymstick replaces a complete barbell set. And if you want to have it with you for your full body workout on the go, that's no problem either: thanks to the quick lock mechanism, simply disassemble it into two parts and fold the training rod together to save space. And off we go with the dumbbell training!


The Gymstick is color coded. Each color represents a specific resistance. This is how you can quickly and easily find the right Gymstick for you:

Green | Light : therapy, new entry (1 – 10 kg)
Blue | Medium : fitness, return to work (1 - 15 kg)
Black | Heavy: fitness, advanced training (1-20 kg)
silver | Very difficult: strength-oriented training (1 - 25 kg)
gold | Super heavy: competitive sports, strength sports (1 - 30 kg)

The Gymstick Original is the highlight of the strengthening courses in my running seminars.

dr Matthias Marquardt, doctor and author of "The Running Bible"

The Gymstick is easy to use and versatile.

Christian Thomas, state youth weightlifting coach

The Gymstick Original can be used anytime and anywhere - a factor that should not be underestimated given the limited time that is often available for preparing for a competition.

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