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Enough with the (k) old iron

Training with tradition: The roots of kettlebell sport go back to ancient Russia. It developed there from performances and competitions at fairs and festivals or in circuses in Asia and Eastern Europe. "Musclemen" impressed their audience with various acrobatic feats with cannonballs with welded handles. Today, the kettlebell is part of the standard repertoire in functional training.

Kettlebell sport is not static training, but consists of free, dynamic coordination exercises: Each exercise is a highly effective combination of strength and coordination training. This functional training uses entire muscle chains instead of isolated muscles, whereby the stabilizing core muscles are particularly required (core strength). For example, in the one-handed exercises, the body is forced to balance with the opposite half of the body, which effectively engages the entire supporting musculature.

The Gymstick Pro Kettlebell is ideal for this: Puristic design in combination with functional qualities such as a protective black powder coating and clearly legible weight information make the classic Gymstick Kettlebells a faithful companion for strength and explosive power training. Compared to classic dumbbells, training with kettlebells has the advantage that the movement sequences train several muscles at once. At the same time, it requires a high degree of coordination and body control.

  • solid cast iron with black powder coating
  • Size of the recessed grip: approx. 5.5 cm
  • Package Contents: 1 x Per Kettlebell

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