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  • Adjustable speeds: 0.5 - max. 6 km/h
  • Can be conveniently controlled via the remote control or smartphone (Android, iOS)
  • Automatically adapts to your walking speed if required
  • Dimensions: 143.2 x 54.7 x 129 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Max. Max. load: 100 kg
  • Material: steel, PP, iron, rubber, PU


The Gymstick Walking Pad helps you with a lack of exercise in everyday life. This treadmill is compact and lightweight and is easy to store thanks to the folding mechanism. The walking pad is not designed for sweat-inducing workouts, but for movement exercises that can be easily integrated into your daily routine without demanding a lot of time or effort. The maximum speed of 6 km/h is roughly equivalent to a brisk walk.

You can set your own speed using the included remote control or your smartphone. Or you can let the treadmill decide: If necessary, it automatically adjusts to your walking speed.FOR MORE MOVEMENT IN EVERYDAY LIFERegular exercise has been proven to improve well-being, improve sleep, help with stress, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and burn fat. Too much sitting, on the other hand, can have exactly the opposite effect, and the walking pad provides you with the necessary exercise that we often so painfully neglect in our everyday working lives. Place it in front of the TV and enjoy your favourite series while you go for a long walk. Or place it by your desk to take a few steps in between the stress of work and clear your head. If you have a height-adjustable desk, you can even place the walking pad in front of it and move around while you work. Thanks to the practical folding mechanism, you can store it under your desk or sofa to save space.

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