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Breathing Trainer

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  • Trains the respiratory muscles
  • Can help you to increase your performance in a targeted manner
  • Can be used for regeneration after sport
  • Acoustic feedback thanks to oscillating valve
  • 7 adjustable intensity levels
  • Easy to clean
  • Medical device manufactured in Germany
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 11 x 6.5 cm

Please understand that for reasons of hygiene, this product cannot be returned.

Your breathing trainer for sport and regeneration

The ARTZT neuro breathing trainer helps you strengthen your breathing muscles and improve your breathing technique. As you breathe out, it can promote relaxation. When you breathe in, it can specifically strengthen your lungs.

The beep helps you maintain the correct intensity as you inhale. The seven adjustable resistance levels make the compact helper a flexible companion for your daily breathing training.

Overcome your performance limits

As a lung trainer for athletes, he can help you specifically increase your performance by training your lung capacity. This gives endurance athletes in particular a decisive advantage as they can absorb more oxygen. By specifically training your breathing technique, you can optimize the efficiency of your breathing. Competitive athletes such as swimmers, divers or mountaineers can benefit from breathing training.

After exercise, you can also use the breathing trainer for regeneration. Consciously breathing out slowly with the breathing trainer can deepen your breathing and thus activate your parasympathetic nervous system. This can lead to calm and
lead to relaxation. This means you as an athlete can get fit again more quickly.

Stay in control

The special thing about the ARTZT neuro breathing trainer is the removable valve. When used during breathing training, vibration creates a sound that can help you consistently maintain the right intensity while breathing. The extra vibration it creates can help loosen annoying mucus. In this way, occupied airways are freed up again.

You can adjust the resistance during breathing training with a simple twisting movement. The heavier the resistance, the more strenuous breathing becomes. You can choose from seven different strengths.

Please note: ARTZT neuro is a trademark of Ludwig ARTZT GmbH. The term "neuro" refers, among other things, to use in the field of neuroathletics, but not to diagnosed neurological or neurodegenerative diseases.

Made in Germany

Regional final production in medium-sized companies

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"Regular breathing training with the ARTZT neuro breathing trainer improves my fitness and helps me to perform optimally when it counts."

Tim Brang, German competitive athlete in rescue sports, four-time winner of the gold medal and recipient of the Silver Laurel Leaf

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The ARTZT neuro breathing trainer can help you to

  • Relax you
  • Reduce stress
  • Train your breathing muscles
  • Optimise your training


The inlay with integrated inhalation valve generates vibrations that make breathing training seem easier.

They can also help to loosen annoying mucus.



Performance, regeneration, relaxation

Inhalation and exhalation:
Relaxation, rehabilitation, breathing difficulties


7 adjustable intensity levels

3 adjustable intensity levels


Removable valve that gives you acoustic feedback as you inhale

Removable valve that gives you acoustic feedback as you breathe in and out

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Frequently asked questions about the ARTZT neuro breathing trainer

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