CEGLA RC-FIT CLASSIC breathing trainer

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  • Breathe better, live healthier - breathing is the key to health, performance, regeneration and stress management. It improves concentration, sleep, digestion, blood pressure and metabolism.
  • Unique respiratory muscle training with vibration and sound - the oscillations (vibrations) clear the airways, meditative sounds during inhalation and exhalation calm and relax.
  • RC-FIT CLASSIC can be used while lying, sitting, standing and moving. Whether on the couch, in the car or during training - indoors or outdoors.
  • Made in Germany
  • Care instructions: Boil in boiling water if necessary.

The breathing trainer with vibration and sound

The Cegla RC-Fit trains your breathing by targeting the diaphragm. The respiratory trainer enables respiratory therapy in which you can inhale and exhale evenly. Sound effects give you the feedback you need to train evenly and effectively.

Breathing is the key to better performance, health, regeneration and stress management. A disturbed diaphragm function (main breathing muscle) has an impact on breathing and posture - thus on the physical and mental state of health. A drop in performance, thoracic complaints, back pain, neck and shoulder problems, postural restrictions are possible consequences. Tiredness, fatigue or lack of energy due to oxygen deficiency or reduced carbon dioxide exchange can occur.

Made in Germany

Regional final production in medium-sized companies

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