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Skipping rope

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  • Classic fitter and fat burner
  • Perfect for your home gym
  • Handles made of cedar wood with aluminium ball bearings
  • Hand finished in Germany
  • Length adjustable up to 300 cm total length
  • Rope diameter: approx. 0.8 cm
  • Handle dimensions: 16.5 x 3 cm
  • Incl. Allen key


Do you fancy an intense workout that demands everything from you after just a few minutes? Then rope skipping with the ARTZT Vintage Series skipping rope is just the thing for you! Rope skipping burns calories fast, keeps you fit and only takes a few minutes.

The ARTZT Vintage Series skipping rope is adjustable between 100 and 300 cm. Simply loosen the metal sleeve with the enclosed Allen key, adjust the rope, tighten the sleeve again - done. The real leather rope is ball-bearing mounted in the wooden handles so that it runs smoothly during training.