Ice Power Active 150ml

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  • Content: 150 ml
  • CE certified medical device

Use Ice Power on:

  • Muscle tension in the arms and legs
  • Pain in the shoulder and neck area
  • Minor sports injuries
  • back pain
  • Sore muscles

Made in Finland

Effective against muscle and joint pain

Pleasant cooling effect, reduces swelling, inflammation and alleviates pain sensations - this is the tried and tested Ice Power Active in the space-saving 150 ml tube. Essential oils such as eucalyptus and menthol round off the effective effect of the proven cooling gel and ensure that you regenerate faster after training. Ideal for the sports bag and for the medicine chest - but also for physiotherapy and chirotherapy.

Triple effect for fast pain relief

The perfectly coordinated formula has a triple effect against pain, tension and muscle injuries: the gently cooling effect first reduces blood circulation so that swelling subsides more quickly. Unlike a treatment with ice, the treated part of the body is cooled by a maximum of 7 °C. There is no risk of skin irritation from cold.

After about 15 minutes, blood circulation is stimulated. This activates your body's self-healing powers so that your muscles regenerate faster and you can continue your training. Perfect for sports and at home.

We recommend topical use every 3-6 hours or as needed.