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Color: Yellow

SKU: LA-6383
  • Perfect hold even during sports
  • UV400
  • Also suitable in sunshine thanks to 100% UV protection
  • Available in four different colors
  • Material: Plastic

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The colored glasses for neuro-athletic training

The sporty design of the ARTZT neuro colored glasses also allows you to immerse yourself in the different color spectrums when running, cycling and the like. The frame also provides the necessary comfort during sports and keeps you firmly on your head.

The effect of colors on the body has been scientifically well researched. The color red is stimulating, accelerating and toning, while the color blue is calming, cooling and reducing the stress level. The color yellow provides energy and concentration and has an encouraging effect.

"I found it extremely exciting to see the direct effects that targeted neurotraining has on my body. I can be faster and safer in my sport in the long term."

Gela Allmann, sports scientist, extreme endurance athlete, author

"We drive at insane speeds and have extreme demands on our field of vision. Neuroathletic training gives us the opportunity to train precisely that."

Andi Wittmann, bike pro, extreme athlete

"Neuroathletic training is the key to individualisation in my daily work with athletes. This makes it indispensable for me when making decisions in training practice."

Domink Suslik, Training, Performance and Health Management Hannover96

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