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  • Practical complete set for a direct start to neuroathletics training
  • Includes grid glasses, eye patch, Brock String, Marsden Ball and eye charts
  • Includes exercise instructions

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The ARTZT neuro Starter Set introduces you to the world of neuroathletics. Six tools with a focus on visual training help you with exercises for better vision, faster reflexes and more focus.

Do you generally not see well? Try it with pinhole glasses. Does your ability to react leave something to be desired? Practice using the Marsden Ball? Do you have problems focusing on objects with your eyes and keeping them in view? Test your eyes with the Brock String and Vision Sticks.

How exactly this all works is explained in the enclosed illustrated exercise instructions, which show and explain various exercises for each tool in detail. Make yourself better in sports, everyday life or in the office.

"I found it extremely exciting to see the direct effects that targeted neurotraining has on my body. I can be faster and safer in my sport in the long term."

Gela Allmann, sports scientist, extreme endurance athlete, author

"We drive at insane speeds and have extreme demands on our field of vision. Neuroathletic training gives us the opportunity to train precisely that."

Andi Wittmann, bike pro, extreme athlete

"Neuroathletic training is the key to individualisation in my daily work with athletes. This makes it indispensable for me when making decisions in training practice."

Domink Suslik, Training, Performance and Health Management Hannover96

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