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Balance Pad

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  • Anti-slip surface
  • nubbed surface of the black stability trainer offers additional sensorimotor stimulation
  • Material: closed-cell foam (green and blue) or PVC (black) - easy to clean and disinfect
  • Max. Load capacity: 136 kg


TheraBand stability trainers are used to improve joint and core stability (posture) to improve movement patterns and thus reduce the risk of falls and injuries. The stability trainers are suitable for stabilisation, balance and proprioception training in prevention, rehabilitation and sports. By placing greater demands on the postural muscles, the TheraBand Stability Trainers can give new impetus to conventional exercises.

The TheraBand stability trainers have a non-slip surface and are ideal for balance training and rehabilitation of the lower extremities. The extra-soft black stability trainer is also filled with air, providing extra high stability for challenging balance exercises. Furthermore, it offers an additional nubbed surface structure for targeted proprioception training.

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