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In a nutshell

The BLACKROLL BALL 08 is a training device to accelerate regeneration. The solid ball allows for easy self-massage and loosening of the muscular connective tissue envelope. It trains the mobility of the connective tissue and can be used for restrictions or hardening. At the same time, the BLACKROLL ball can be used to stabilize the torso muscles, which are important for everyday life and sport. The BLACKROLL and the BLACKROLL balls are particularly recommended for intensive use in (competitive) sports.

The BLACKROLL BALL is ideal for treating deeper muscle groups or hard-to-reach areas of the body such as the neck, buttocks, shoulders and chest.

  • Ideal for self-massage and regeneration of almost all muscle groups
  • Also suitable for core training
  • For warming up and cooling down before and after training
  • Degree of hardness: average hardness
  • High-quality EPP: robust, skin-friendly, odorless and free of propellants, as well as 100% recyclable
  • Easily washable

expert voices

"Recommendations for the prevention and treatment of symptoms of overuse are primarily active measures such as muscle strengthening, coordination training and coordinative relaxation of muscle tension. The BLACKROLL is ideal for this."
- Prof. Dr. Stefan Grau, Sports Medicine, University of Gothenburg