Ice Power Hot Gel 75ml

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  • Ideal for tension - especially in the shoulders and neck
  • Active prevention of injuries
  • After sport for quick regeneration
  • Long-lasting heat effect
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Gentle muscle relaxation
  • Content: 75 ml in a practical tube
  • CE certified medical device
  • Made in Finland

Made in Finland

Warming gel - the benefit for your muscles

Sore muscles and tension are painful - with the new Ice Power Hot Gel this is a thing of the past. The natural ingredients warm your skin and deep layers of tissue. Your muscles relax and you actively prevent strains, muscle fiber tears and other injuries.

Apply the rich Ice Power heat gel to stressed muscles and relax with the soothing, relaxing warmth. The ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and gently warm the tissue over the long term. This increases blood flow and relaxes your muscles. Combined with a gentle massage, you increase the effect and accelerate your regeneration after strenuous training.