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Sensory Floor

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  • Material: High-quality polyurethane from use in medical technology. Absolutely skin-friendly. Quality made in Germany.
  • Wear-resistant, non-slip and pleasantly shock-absorbing
  • Structural surface for increased grip during training
  • Special anti-slip base that prevents slipping even on dusty floors
  • Class I medical device
  • Lifetime guarantee

        This is a medical device. You can download the declaration of conformity for medical devices for free as a PDF.

        Step by Step to more balance

        More health through conscious movement: Thanks to its irregular surface, the structured floor from ARTZT thepro constantly gives you new tactile stimuli - and thus opens up endless possibilities in your therapy and training program.

        Even with simple exercises, this structural floor activates the entire neuromuscular and sensorimotor system. This means you can quickly achieve your therapy and training goals.

        Made in Germany

        Regional final production in medium-sized companies

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