Ice Power Plus

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  • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant and pain-relieving - thanks to additional MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
  • Leaves your clothes stain-free
  • Effective against muscle and joint pain
  • Prevents muscle soreness and promotes rapid muscle regeneration
  • CE certified medical device

Use Ice Power Plus with:

  • Minor joint inflammation and injuries
  • Persistent muscle tension
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • swelling

Made in Finland

Active against swelling and sore muscles

With the plus of anti-inflammatory MSM, the new Ice Power Plus is ideal for neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, long-lasting muscle tension and stress-related, minor joint injuries and inflammation.

MSM is an essential sulfur compound that helps your joints and muscles regenerate. That's why the cooling gel with the extra plus is the ideal companion for sports: The unique formula actively prevents muscle soreness, supports your muscles in rapid regeneration and relieves swelling thanks to the pleasant cooling effect.

Rapid relief from acute and chronic pain

The effective Ice Power Plus cooling gel has a 4-fold effect against pain: It cools the affected area by up to 7 °C, which is ideal for swelling and pain. After about 15 minutes, blood circulation is stimulated, which activates your body's self-healing powers and thus gently relieves muscle tension.

MSM helps your muscles recover even faster and reduces inflammation. The pleasantly cooling effect is ideal for acute and chronic pain and tension.