Vision stick set of 4

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  • Conforms to the toy safety standard DIN EN 71 (1-3)
  • Material: raw material from local, sustainable forestry (PEFC certified)
  • Scope of delivery: 4 sticks (yellow, red, green, blue)

Neurotraining for the eyes

With the ARTZT neuro Vision Stick, the ability of targeted control of fixation points (duration, amplitude, accuracy) and the convergence and divergence of the eyes (squinting and dreaming) can be trained. In addition, the pens can also be used to train eye tracking movements and head control (balance).

The set contains one yellow, one red, one green and one blue pen. Different colours can cause different reactions in the user. Just try it out! Each pen also has two sides with different sized letters. This way, eye exercises can be carried out in two different levels of difficulty.

Frau sitzt mit einer Tasse Kaffee auf dem Bett und hat auf ihrem Smartphone die ARTZT neuro App neurally geöffnet.


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