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Kinesiology Tape Set of 2

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Colour: Blue + Black

SKU: LA-7040
  • Maintains range of motion of the joint/muscle
  • Length: 5 m, width: 5 cm
  • Material: 97 % cotton, 3 % urethane
  • 2 rolls in a set
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant and breathable
  • Adhesive application made from skin-friendly acrylic glue

Please understand that for reasons of hygiene, this product cannot be returned.

This is a medical device. You can download the declaration of conformity for medical devices as a PDF for free.

Support yourself with kinesiology tapes

Do you want to enrich your sporting activities with an additional component? Then the high-quality ARTZT thepro kinesiological tape is just right for you. This specially developed tape is a companion for anyone who values ​​support and comfort during their sporting routine.

The tape is made of skin-friendly cotton with elastic properties that adapt to your body. This means maximum freedom and comfort for you with every movement, without being restricted. Thanks to a gentle but effective adhesive, the tape sticks firmly to the skin and can be removed after activity without leaving any residue. So you can stay fully focused on your training session without having to make any annoying adjustments.

No matter whether it's a quick sprint in the rain or the next yoga session in the park - the tape does what it promises. It's designed to last, even when you sweat or spend time outdoors. Whether running, cycling, in the gym or playing team sports - this tape is your discreet partner for a variety of activities and helps you focus on your goals.

Please note that the treatment with kinesiological tape is based on methods from training and movement theory, the effects of which have not been proven by conventional medical studies, but are assumed solely on the basis of non-evidence-based experience reports and application observations.

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This comprehensive e-learning course provides an insight into material science and application techniques for classic and elastic kinesiological taping. Certificate of attendance included!


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