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PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 2 Kit (23-33kg)

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  • Extension for PowerBlock PowerBlock EXP Stage 1
  • Quick, uncomplicated weight change in no time
  • Chic black and gray design
  • Equipped with the patented selector pin
  • Replaces up to 28 conventional pairs of dumbbells
  • PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 2 with 23 - 33 kg weight per dumbbell
  • Handles not included. Cannot be combined with the PowerBlock Sport 24, Sport 50 or PowerBlock Pro Series models.


The PowerBlock EXPs are the latest models in the popular PowerBlock Sport product family. With their stylish design and revised stack system, the PowerBlock EXPs offer a new look with improved features for the "world's best" dumbbell system. The compact design ensures more space in the training room with maximum effectiveness. The EXPs replace up to 16 conventional pairs of dumbbells!

The PowerBlock Sport EXP Stage 2 Kit requires one to useEXP Stage 1and increases their weight by up to 33 kg each.

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