Ice Power cooling spray

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  • Perfect for quick first aid
  • Leaves no stains
  • Immediate cooling effect
  • Content: 200 ml in the practical spray bottle
  • CE certified medical device

Use the cooling spray on:

  • Fast pain relief for broken bones
  • Prevention of severe swelling
  • Minor soft tissue injuries
  • Minor burns
  • sprains
  • hematomas
  • strains

Made in Finland

Instant cooling effect whenever you need it

What to do if you sprain, twist or easily burn your ankle and don't have an ice pack nearby? The cooling Ice Power Cold Spray with immediate effect is ideal for emergencies. It cools the affected area immediately - for up to 15 minutes. Your injury is treated directly and you can then continue treatment with the Ice Power cold compresses or the Ice Power cooling gel.

The cooling effect that is always at hand

The effectively cooling Ice Power Cold Spray is so handy that it hardly takes up any space in your sports bag or in your first-aid kit. You use it to cool down the affected parts of the body effectively and immediately, until you can cool down the injury in the long term or treat it in some other way. The pain-relieving, decongestant spray is ready to use at any time and requires no refrigeration or special storage.

The Ice Power Cold Spray acts immediately on injuries

Spray from a distance of approx. 15 cm for 5 seconds on the affected part of the body in a circular motion to prevent hypothermia. The selected ingredients ensure immediate cooling that lasts about 15 minutes