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  • 4 different grip variants
  • 12 eyelets for versatile attachment of training equipment
  • Suitable for both wall and ceiling installation
  • Dimensions: 118 x 46 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • max. load: 200 kg (EN957)
  • Includes mini sling for attaching suitable equipment to the front
  • including screws and dowels
  • Made in EU

The adjustable pull-up bar

The aerobis workout station is more than a pull-up bar that you can alternatively attach to the ceiling or the wall. At the same time, it also offers support for most aerobis devices such as the aeroSling sling trainer or the revvll rope trainer. This makes the workout station your all-in-one solution for your functional training in your home gym.

The aerobis workout station is first and foremost a pull-up bar. It offers 4 different grip variations, so that you can comfortably perform other bodyweight exercises such as toes to bar, hanging leg raises or window whippers in addition to tight and wide pull-ups. Thanks to the clever construction, you can attach the workout station to either the ceiling or the wall. So it fits in every home gym, no matter how small. And thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the chic black finish, it also looks excellent. But that's not all.

The multifunctional solution for functional training

But the aerobis workout station is much more than a pull-up bar. The 12 eyelets offer a lot of space and possibilities to attach aerobis equipment to it. From rope trainers to sling trainers to resistance bands, you can attach everything in a flash and carry out your full functional training. The mini sling also makes it possible to attach the aerobis equipment in the middle of the workout station.

The smallest gym in the world

The workout station is not only the optimal training solution for every cross-training and calisthenics fan, but also for every other hobby athlete and fitness enthusiast who would like to do a comprehensive full-body workout but doesn't want to take up an entire room for it. This makes the workout station an absolute must-have for every home athlete!

Made in Europe

For short transport routes and the best possible working conditions

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