High Resistance Band Set of 4

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The extra strong TheraBand

The normal TheraBand is not enough for you? Want more from your workout? Then the TheraBand High Resistance Band is just right for you!

The loop-shaped fitness band is extremely durable and offers a convenient, portable way to strengthen the lower body.

  • The ideal companion for a complete full body workout.
  • The closed loop also enables a wide range of training options for strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • The printed stretch indicator tells you when you have stretched the band to twice its length
  • Length: 104 cm each
  • Band thickness: 4 mm each
  • Material: latex

All resistors in one set

With this complete set you get all four available resistors at a special price. So you can always train all muscles as you need them. More resistance training is not possible.