Bungee Harness

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Comfortable seat, pleasant power distribution

The newly developed 4D PRO bungee belt was developed precisely for the load characteristics of 4D PRO bungee training. This is no ordinary climbing harness! It has a special pad shape and length. The adjustment options are also chosen to maintain a snug and comfortable fit when jumping and hopping.

  • Can be combined with the 4D PRO Bungee Trainer
  • Ideal for group fitness and therapy
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Perfect customization options with 8 adjustable buckles
  • Material: neoprene, polyester

Adjustable dimensions:

  • Circumference waist belt: 36 - 152 cm
  • Circumference leg loops: 46 - 62 cm
  • Rigid leg bands in front: 5 - 43 cm
  • Rigid rear leg straps: 5 - 36 cm