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The kinesiology tape for professionals

The 4D PRO Tape consists of particularly high-quality textile, which means that it adapts more precisely and gently to the contours and movements of the skin. A unique procedure was also developed in the manufacturing process, thanks to which the tape uses less adhesive than other KinesioTapes: During production, the 4D tape goes through a heating process, which melts the adhesive crystals into a paste. The longer the heat exposure, the fewer crystals in the adhesive. The fewer crystals, the less chance of an allergic skin reaction.

The 4D PRO Kinesiological Tape is recommended by the German Academy for Applied Sports Medicine .

  • Optimized adhesive properties for maximum skin tolerance
  • Can remain on the skin for 10 - 12 days with the right application technique
  • Practical 4-pack at a special price
  • Used and tested by Olympic athletes
  • Optimized durability, also ideal for endurance sports.
  • Dimensions per roll: 5 x 500 cm
  • Material: cotton, 10% elastane
  • Latex-free and dermatologically tested
  • Elongation quality: approx. 140%
  • Scope of delivery: 4 rolls (2 x red, 2 x black)
  • Made in the EU

Note: The treatment with kinesiological tape is based on methods from training and kinesiology, the effects of which have not been proven by conventional medical studies, but are assumed solely on the basis of non-evidence-based field reports and application observations.

expert voices

"I have advised many of the major international tape manufacturers for years on production and marketing. All brands work with top quality and yet there are always a few little things that are not quite optimal. Be it the amount of adhesive substance, the texture and Thickness of the textile or simply the price. This tape was created with the aim of uncompromisingly eliminating all downer."
- dr dr Homayun Gharavi, sports doctor

"My goal was a training that would allow you to train entire muscle chains as dynamically as sport and everyday life actually require. Muscles should be taught to move faster and independently. The solution: A training system that is simple, comfortable, effective and gentle on the joints - the 4D PRO sling trainer!"

Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi, sports doctor

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