Colour Glasses Set

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  • Set incl. 6 different color attachments
  • 100% UV protection
  • Weight glasses: 14 g
  • Weight per attachment: 6 g
  • Material glasses: polycarbonate (frame), acrylic (lenses)
  • Lens protection category of the clips: 1
  • incl. foldable glasses case (160 x 55 x 60 cm, polyurethane) and microfibre cloth (18 x 51 cm, polyester, polyamide)
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Complete set of colored glasses for neuroathletics

Already knew? Each color of the solar spectrum has a specific effect on our psyche and our body. That's because each color has a specific wavelength and energy that can be transferred to our bodies.

The color is created in the moment of seeing, i.e. in the cooperation between eyes and brain. Individual experiences and colour-specific associations play an important role here.

The effect of colors on the body has been scientifically well researched. The color red is stimulating, accelerating and toning, while the color blue is calming, cooling and reducing the stress level. The color yellow provides energy and concentration and has an encouraging effect.

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