Marsden Ball

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style: Miscellaneous letter sizes

SKU: LA-6321

  • Heavy ball for ideal swing behavior
  • String Length: 160cm
  • Ball diameter: 7 cm
  • Weight: 152g
  • Upper material: faux leather

ABC with a difference

The ARTZT neuro Marsden Ball is a popular tool in visual therapy. The ball trains eye tracking movements and thus the sustained focusing of moving objects. This is a faux leather ball with printed letters attached to a string.

With the training device, a better understanding of one's own eye movements is trained. The goal is to coordinate and effortlessly control eye movement and to visually anticipate the movements and changes. Precise and predictable eye movements direct the targeted movement of the body.

Frau sitzt mit einer Tasse Kaffee auf dem Bett und hat auf ihrem Smartphone die ARTZT neuro App neurally geöffnet.


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