SoundVibe headphones

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  • Playback time: max. 6 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Dust and dripping water resistant according to IP65
  • BT version: 5.0
  • Weight: 35 g

The wireless headphones for sports and neuroathletics

Balance trainer and music headphones in one: SoundVibe offers you a completely new listening experience. It directs the sound directly into your ears via your cheekbones. Your ears always remain free and open to the world around you.

How does SoundVibe work?

SoundVibe works with bone sound. These headphones rest on the left and right side of the back of your cheek below your temple, just in front of your ear, instead of in it. They keep your ears clear and transmit sound by vibrating through the skull bone directly to the inner ear, where they vibrate the fluid and cilia of the ear cup.

Perfect for balance training

This effect can be used in therapy and training because sounds and tones are perceived differently via the bone conduction. Different types of sound and frequencies can thus evoke different reactions. One of our cranial nerves plays an important role here, as it receives positional information and sounds and passes them on to the brain. Individually selected sound frequencies can stimulate this nerve and thus support the training of balance and coordination.

Perfect for your favourite music

SoundVibe can also be used as headphones for your music. You can easily pair it wirelessly with your smartphone and listen to your favourite music while jogging, running, biking, walking or at work. The advantage: your ears always remain free and open to ambient noise. For example, when urban biking, you always have an open ear for the traffic.

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