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Exercise ball

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Size: 45 cm
Exercise ball sizes

Choosing the right exercise ball depends on your height. The taller you are, the bigger your exercise ball needs to be.

Just like with an office chair, your legs and body should be at right angles to each other when you sit on your ball.

Ball diameter Height
45 cm up to 140 cm
55 cm 141 - 154 cm
65 cm 155 - 175 cm
75 cm 176 - 185 cm
85 cm 186 - 200 cm

SKU: LA-7067
  • Original Pezziball
  • Made in Italy
  • Maximum tested safety
  • Statically loadable up to 500 kg
  • Safe to sit on up to 90 kg
  • Material: flexton silpower


    For more than half a century we have been sitting, exercising and relaxing on the big round exercise balls. Initially used only in medicine, over time the exercise ball found its way into almost every private household.

    And rightly so: the pezzi ball easily trains balance and coordination, body perception and posture, relaxation, flexibility and strength.

    Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help you.

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