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Fazer Hook

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Variant: Tool 1

SKU: LA-7023
  • General soft tissue treatment
  • Acute or chronic pain treatment
  • Fascia treatment (e.g. fibrosis)
  • Treatment of movement restrictions/connective tissue restrictions
  • Material: Aluminum - lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee


The ARTZT thepro Fazer Hook is the ideal complement to the Fazer. Each hook enables the treatment of muscle fascia, tendon junctions or bearings and intermuscular septa using a special hooking technique (myofascial fibrolysis).

In particular, scars and irritations on tendons or tendon-bone junctions can be treated very specifically with the help of transverse friction with the hooks. With the help of this hooking technique, the physiological mobility between the tissue structures can be addressed.

The different hook shapes and lengths of the attachments enable optimal use on almost all body zones, regardless of the required grip-hand angle, depth of hooking or surface structure of the area to be treated.


The Fazer Hooks are aimed specifically at trained users such as physiotherapists, doctors, sports scientists, chiropractors and Rolfers. Fazers are used exclusively for individual therapy, based on specific indications - adapted to the individual patient. Taking the dosage into account is just as important as taking into account possible contraindications.

Made in Germany

Regional final production in medium-sized companies

"I am still amazed at how well and precisely you can perceive and assess the condition of the tissue with the Fazer tools. What's more, they are easy on the strength and joints."

Dr. biol. hum. Robert Schleip, Dipl. Phych., Director Fascia Research Group

The precise design of Fazer instruments makes them exceptionally effective in myofascial therapy treatment. I highly recommend her to any myofascial therapy therapist.

Dr. Wilbour Kelsick, BSc(kin), DC, FRCCSS(C), FRCCRS(C) Sports Chiropractor

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