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punching bag chain

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  • Original vintage chain with four anchor points for the vintage punching bag
  • Holds the punching bag securely to the ceiling
  • Real rust look
  • Hand-finished with a natural oxidation process in the Westerwald
  • Material: steel
  • Total length: 60 cm (10 cm fire carabiner, 11 cm swivel coupling, 9 x 4.5 cm chain links per chain arm, 7 cm fire carabiner per chain arm)


Putting the ARTZT Vintage Series punching bag on the chain correctly? Sure, but authentic please! With this matching chain you underline the inimitable vintage style of the punching bag. The chain has been subjected to a natural oxidation process and then clear varnished to keep the used look permanent.

The vintage chain is made entirely of solid steel. A heavy fire carabiner holds even the heaviest punching bags securely on the ceiling. The 360° rotary clutch ensures the right spin, so that the punching bag keeps its composure even with the hardest hits. Four massive chains, each with another fire carabiner, combine with the ARTZT Vintage Series punching bag to form a unit that fearlessly faces any boxing workout.