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Wall ball

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Size: 10 kg

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The wall ball is suitable for a variety of strength and endurance exercises. And with this vintage variant you also have the right look! The classic exercise with this ball is throwing from a crouch: You sit in the squat and throw the ball vigorously into the air.

Stand up, catch the ball and crouch back down at the same time. This trains all large muscle groups, trains explosive power and, on top of that, burns a lot of fat.

  • Upper material: hand-finished cowhide
  • Filling: shredded/pressed pieces of EVA
  • Made in Germany
"In love with the style, convinced by the quality. We work very functionally. The ARTZT Vintage Series medicine balls are in constant use. The feel is simply great."

Daniela Schindler, Managing Director of Caldea Therapy & Training, Dortmund

"Designing training and therapy facilities with the ARTZT Vintage Series is always a great pleasure, because it works just as well as an eye-catcher as it does as robust and functional training equipment."

Stephan Arndt, Dipl-Ing. Arch. | 3D Generalist | Personal Trainer | Room Planner for Fitness, Therapy and Wellness

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