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Fitness Mat 140 x 60 x 1 cm

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  • Lightweight fitness mat for gymnastics, yoga and stretching
  • Can be rolled up
  • With eyelets for wall mounting (width of eyelets: 5 cm, distance: 29.5 cm)
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • PVC-free and absolutely skin-friendly
  • Material: PE
  • Dimensions: 140 x 60 x 1 cm
  • Made in Germany

Lightweight, compact fitness mat

Discover the ease of training – with the ARTZT vitality fitness mat! Perfect for gymnastics, yoga and stretching, this mat offers the ideal foundation for your workout.

Whether you want to stretch your body or strengthen your muscles, the ARTZT vitality fitness mat combines quality and comfort in one. Its lightweight design makes it the perfect companion for your exercises - no matter where you train. After your workout, you can simply roll it up and store it away to save space. Thanks to practical eyelets - 5 cm wide and 29.5 cm apart - you can easily hang it on the wall and keep your training area tidy.

The surface of the fitness mat is easy to clean and disinfect, which is extremely practical not only for home use but also for studios. We attach great importance to your health and the environment. That is why our mat is PVC-free and completely skin-friendly because it is made of environmentally friendly PE material. This special plastic does not produce any toxic gases, vapors or slag during production that could pollute the environment.

The dimensions of 140 x 60 x 1 cm offer enough space for a variety of exercises without the mat becoming too bulky. The fitness mat is made in Germany, where we can guarantee the highest standards in production.

With the ARTZT vitality fitness mat you are opting for sustainable training at the highest level of comfort. Make it part of your fitness routine and feel the difference!

Made in Germany

Regional final production in medium-sized companies

Social & Regional

Manufactured in cooperation with regional workshops for people with disabilities

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