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Style: Classic

SKU: LA-6260
  • All-rounder fascia, trigger and reflexology massage
  • Cherry wood handle
  • Removable steel ball
  • Ideal for heat and cold applications
  • Ball interchangeable and can be combined with other handles and handguards
  • Can be used for tension, trigger points or simply for a relaxing massage


The ARTZT vitality massage roller was developed to protect the hands and to be able to carry out a particularly targeted massage on most areas of the body. The design is simple and natural and fits wonderfully into the room design.

The ergonomic shape of the massage roller Classic makes handling easier. The tool glides gently over the muscles and is gentle on the hands.

The handle of the massage roller Mini is longer and slimmer than the Classic version and is therefore particularly suitable for applications on the face and neck as well as for reflexology on the hands and feet.

Made in Germany

Regional final production in medium-sized companies

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Sustainable product

Made from natural raw materials


ARTZT vitality products are mainly manufactured in Germany and Europe. Wherever possible we use sustainable materials such as wood or cork.


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