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Pro pump set barbell weight

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Weight: 5kg

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Grippy weight plates

For intensive strength training and more: exercises with barbells target specific muscle groups. Whether chest, biceps or legs: barbell training goes far beyond the well-known bench press and offers a variety of options for a varied full-body workout.

The Gymstick Pro Pump Set Discs provide perfect services here. With their 30 mm hole, they fit perfectly on the Gymstick Pro Pump Set barbell bar. Thanks to the recessed grips, the Gymstick Pro Pump Set Discs can also be gripped easily and securely. This is how six-pack exercises like crunches or Russian twists get the necessary weight.

  • Ideal for adding weight to the Gymstick Pro Pump Set
  • non-slip feel thanks to full rubber coating
  • Recessed grips offer even more training options
  • Hole diameter: 30mm
  • Material: TPU, iron
  • Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Available weights and sizes:

  • 1.25kg | 19.5x19.5x2cm
  • 2.5kg | 23.5 23.5x2.6cm
  • 5kg | 28x28x3cm
  • 10kg | 36x36x3.3cm

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