Motion Guidance Clinic Kit

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  • Your patients can directly track their movements and immediately see where they are in the room.
  • Add a visual component to simple movement exercises and see your progress directly.
  • Turn simple exercises such as cervical range of motion, hip joints or knee bends into a visually motivating exercise.
  • Add proprioceptive awareness exercises for any body part and visualise your motor control skills.

Visual neuroathletics training with Motion Guidance

The Motion Guidance clinic kit includes everything you need to set up your clinic with visual feedback for each body part: A green rechargeable laser (low power, 1 mW), 4 hygienic body harnesses (S, M, L, XL) that fit each body part and are easy to clean between patients, and a variety of tracking brackets and targets.

It also enhances learning by emphasising external cues and instantly recognising body position. The laser's remote switch allows you to remove or add visual cues during training to enhance learning and increase engagement.

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