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Sports coloured glasses set

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  • 100 % UV protection (protection category 1, UV400)
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Anti-scratch protection
  • RX insert (for spectacle wearers)
  • Flexible temples
  • Ultra-light material: 45 % bio-based plastic in the frame. The material is a special polyamide (PA) formulation that is used in high-end spectacle frames.
  • Temple length: 14 cm | bridge width: 1 cm | total width: 13 cm | lens height RX insert: 2.7 cm | lens width RX insert: 4.5 cm

Coloured glasses for sport and leisure

The ARTZT neuro coloured sports eyewear set is the epitome of precision and performance. It was developed to give you - the ambitious athlete, the innovative trainer, the forward-thinking therapist - the decisive edge, whether on the race track, the running track or during an intensive workout. With these coloured glasses, you combine sports science efficiency with neurological findings on the power of colour.

Each of the four colours is available in a softer version in the set. So you can also use your coloured glasses for sunbathing - 100% UV protection makes it possible.

The Sport coloured glasses have an anti-fog coating and anti-scratch protection. Perfect for spectacle wearers: the removable RX insert can be fitted with lenses in your prescription. And don't worry about the most dynamic movements: The flexible temples guarantee that the coloured glasses stay in place.

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The possible effects listed below are only guidelines or empirical values; the actual effect may occur or vary individually for each user.

Yellow - Concentration: Uplifting, cheerful, stimulating. Dilates the pupils and increases contrast. Not recommended for people with a stressed visual system.

Red - Strength: Stimulating, accelerating, toning. Strong irritant effect. Short wearing time recommended.

Pink - Happiness: Calming, soothing. Creates feelings of happiness and increases intuition. Wearing time depends on the situation and individual feelings

Green - Harmony: Neutralizing, calming, balancing. Can be worn for longer if necessary.

Blue - Anti-Stress: Relaxing, calms breathing. Can be worn for longer if necessary.

Violet - Meditation: Inspiring, promotes creativity. The length of time it is worn depends on the situation and individual feelings.

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