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  • Ideal for use in training and therapy
  • CE certified Class 1 medical device
  • Scope of delivery: 2 handles, 1 door anchor, 1 assist

Only use the door anchor in the opposite direction to the opening direction of the door you are using. Do not use on glass doors.


The TheraBand Assist expands the possible uses of exercise bands and tubing. Ideal for easier handling and fixation to eyelets or wall stations. Your own fitness studio will be complete in no time.

The handles provide an easy and secure hold during exercises with exercise bands and tubing. This enables people with low hand strength (e.g. those with osteoarthritis) to train effectively.

The TheraBand door anchor turns the door into a training station and is used to fix the exercise band and tubing to a door. Then simply attach a suitable exercise band to the loop and resistance training can begin right out the door

Sustainable product

Made from natural raw materials

Social & Regional

Manufactured in cooperation with regional workshops for people with disabilities

Test Winner

Compared to 25 fitness bands

"The original TheraBand is ideal for perfectly coordinated strength and endurance training. The color coding helps to find the right resistance level for every fitness level."

Prof. Dr. Klaus Baum, fitness trainer for the national handball team (WM 2007), physiologist, sports scientist

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